Multibagger stocks for 2025

So how is June likely to pan out for investors? We have a conservative view on the market forwhich was initiated since January and is still continuing. This was largely due to premium valuations, increase in interest rate, global and domestic political risks and lack of earnings growth. On a year-to-date YTD basis, the market has been underperforming led by hike in bond yield and downgrade in earnings, within which mid and smallcaps had vast correction in price and valuation.

From the perspective of flows, FIIs became net sellers in just 3 out of the last 10 years. But, the way they have been selling in the last months, do you think June could turn out to be a negative month?

FIIs have been selling their exposure in emerging markets EMs due to increase in global risk and bond yield. Yields are still on the higher side but stabilising and awaiting to see the latest update from FOMC.

Though the trend may be up but a large portion of it may be factored in by the market. We sense that market may see some respite from the poor performance of mid and smallcaps in the near term.

While the consumption story is getting better led by Q4FY18 GDP growth, improvement in rural market and good start to monsoon are key positives. We had a target of 10, for Nifty, which we are continuing given lower than earnings growth of FY18 than anticipated.

This is due to increase in global risk, reduction in global liquidity and lack of earnings growth till date. Top five stocks which hold potential to give multibagger returns in the next years? InterGlobe Aviation. InterGlobal Aviation the parent company of IndiGo airline is one of the most efficient low cost carriers LCC with a market share of 40 percent in the Indian aviation sector. Going forward, expanding market presence through fleet addition and firming up its regional connectivity plans augurs well.

In the long-term risk related to volatile oil prices is likely to come down. We remain constructive on IndiGo given RoE of 40 percent, efficient operations and strong balance sheet.

Current order backlog of Rs 80, crore provides strong visibility for the next 5 years. We expect execution to ramp up in coming quarters as Rs 10,cr worth redevelopment project started at ground level with an execution period of 2years. NBCC is at sweet spot considering its huge order book, limited competition and expertise in executing large projects. Big projects like Pragati maithan Rs 2,crIrrigation project in Maharashtra Rs 1, crredevelopment of Nauroji nagar Rs 2,cr started with an estimated execution period of 24 months.

Given strong earnings outlook and executional capability we continue maintain a Buy rating for the stock. Normal monsoon and more state subsidy for doubling the agricultural growth will continue to drive demand for tractors for FY Revenue from Construction equipment and railway segments will continue to reflect sizable improvement in FY Ashok Leyland:. Ashok Leyland AL is the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India to witness numerous tail winds like government road infra spending, strategy of defence and Electric vehicle.Present is disrupted buddie.

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YES in the sense for supporting factors below. So make sure you are doing Buy during Bear Market like now. Futurecaps is my trusted adviser. The stock recommendation shared by futurecaps have out performed recommendation from other adviser and i believe it due to the indepth study and multiple checks applied on the subjected stock. Nitin, Software Developer, Bangalore. Futurecaps is a futuristic advisor who is loaded with more than 25 checklist, before he advices us on the buy.

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Subscribe to get report. Released in July still it is around the recommended price to Buy. Advisor Invested. Advisor invested. The shot was right to enter around Rs. Futurecaps recommended Caplin Point as a Multibagger in the midst of Smallcap troubles in In the recent Corona troubles too the stock Performed very well with Increased business.

Reason provided to Clients.

10000000 CRORE PROFIT upto - just invest 3500 for 2025

Day Traders are Scientists who make other people rich! So Investing is required to Protect your Money! As some genius said, Lack of Money is the Problem of World. We are living in a Money Controlled World!

But there is a problem in this System. All these money making is depending on the Uncertainity on Economy, Skill to perform etc. The current corona times would have iterated this that even the Wealthiest person would have Money problem to meet their expenses.If you want to play risky, then there are better bets amongst smaller banks which have been hit by higher credit costs but eventually will get normalised, says Dipan Mehta.

Shares of 23 companies with healthy earnings outlook at least for the short term rallied up to per cent from March lows. And June quarter earnings validated those bets, as these companies reported more than 20 per cent rise in both sales and profit in an otherwise washout quarter. The stock has delivered per cent over the past decade, despite a 25 per cent decline in and a massive 46 per cent in The cookie maker seems to be making the most of the increased awareness about hygiene in the wake of the Covid outbreak, which has triggered a consumer shift from unbranded to branded packaged food products.

As of June 30, foreign promoter Pfaudler owned Public holding in the company was low at 25 per cent. Jhunjhunwala has about 40 years of experience in equity investing. He became a regular on Dalal Street when the bluest of blue chips would command a market valuation not more than Rs crore. Today, the highest market-cap for a stock has risen to Rs 12,00, crore! Clearly on a year basis, the kind of stocks which will work are something which will ride the technology wave for sure because it is very difficult to engineer top line growth with an offline model at this point of time.

The stock, listed inhas risen per cent in last one year, smartly outperforming Sensex. After peaking out earlyBSE broader market indices —Smallcap index and Midcap index — have been on a downturn.

multibagger stocks for 2025

The smallcap index is down 26 per cent and the midcap index 18 per cent. The thinly-tracked smallcap currently has one 'buy', two 'hold', and one 'sell' ratings, data from Reuters showed. Have you read these stories?

The GST Council in its meeting is likely to discuss the suggestion of non-BJP ruled states of setting up a ministerial panel to develo ET NOW. Brand Solutions. Reshape Tomorrow Tomorrow is different. Let's reshape it today.

TomorrowMakers Let's get smarter about money. The Leprosy Mission Trust India. Corning Gorilla Glass TougherTogether. ET Power Talks. Where to look for multibaggers in banks? If you want to play risky, then there are better bets amongst smaller banks which have been hit by higher credit costs but eventually will get normalised, says Dipan Mehta 01 Oct,CMP I hold the stock.

Just 2 Lacs invested in this stock in became 1 Crore in !!

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New Multibaggers are identified in September …. Head OfficePlot No. Create your own review. Have been tracking Mr. Manish's picks since four years or so I am really very impressed by your selection of multi bagger stock from your past performance.

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I have read your above article and found soul of share market. Can i join your company or group?Multi-baggers, as the name suggests, are the stocks that can generate multiple bags of money over the next few years. These are the stocks that have the potential to report explosive growth over a period of time. This can be explained by a story of a bamboo plant- you take a little seed, plant it, water it, and fertilize it for a whole year, and nothing happens.

The second year you water it and fertilize it and nothing happens. The third year you water it and fertilize it and nothing happens.

multibagger stocks for 2025

But in the fifth year, the bamboo tree sprouts and grows feet in just six months. All these five years the bamboo tree makes its roots strong and gives it all what it needs to survive strong.

Many people have a lot of misconceptions about multibaggers. Many people think all stocks trading at their 52 week lows may turn around and become multibaggers. This is clearly wrong. Stocks trading at 52 week low can be due to many reasons. The decline in price maybe actually justified and stock might plummet further. Some people think all low priced stocks are potential multibaggers. But this is not true. Price of a stock on a standalone basis does not give any information about the future potential.

Past Performance

Need Multibagger Stock Tips? Have more questions? So, that even beginners or novice can understand easily. We believe in recommending quality stocks, which deliver instant results. Our all clients are just one button away to talk or chat our Research analyst.Unlock1 is declared from 1st June During the LockDown period Sensex has logged the biggest loss ever. Although D-street was going through a bad phase during lockdown few stocks have given skyrocketing performance and turned out to be multi-baggers.

In this post, I will share details of Multibagger stocks of LockDown. If you are familiar with term multibagger you can skip to the next section.

In simple terms, multibagger means multiple bags. The stock that grows multiple times with respect to capital invested by you and you need multiple bags to keep returns given by stock is known as multibagger stock. This means that you can create a massive wealth by investing in multibagger stock. They have beaten the market by constantly banking on multibagger stocks. Finding a multibagger stock is an art, very few can master it. I am trying to learn it.

Here are the factors that I consider in finding multibagger stocks. The growth of the company is very important while making a selection of the stock. Here I would like to state that stocks are not lottery tickets.

multibagger stocks for 2025

When you are evaluating a company you should look at the two types of growth Sales Growth and Profit Growth. Sales growth means growth in the business. It indicates that the company is receiving orders and product of the company is in demand. You will see sales growth data in the balance sheet of the company. You should see at least last five years of data.

Profit growth means growth in profit. Along with sales, profit is also important.

10 Multibagger Stocks of LockDown 2020

Profit growth indicates that the company is not taking orders on a low-profit margin or negative margin for increasing sales growth. Debt on the company is another important factor to consider.

The company where you are investing money should be debt-free. ROCE means Return on capital employed. ROE is a return on equity it is the ratio of net profit to the share-holders equity. Free Cashflow is another important factor to consider while selecting a stock.

This factor is mostly ignored by investors. Free Cash Flow means cash flow or cash generated by the company in a specific period. You should look at the cash flow statement of the company. Cash flow statement summarized the amount of cash entering and leaving the company. This factor indicates the company is collecting the cash efficiently and maintaining strict payment terms with vendors and customers. The company should have a competitive advantage over others.

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