Pihole blocklist format

Blocklists to block the communication to social networking sites and privacy harming services. This contains an ever-growing list of domains to be blocked using the Pi-Hole ad-blocker. List is optimized for pi-hole. Maybe it would be useful to add sometime down the line an output to the script that will tell you how many records of each list you're using.

So, if a list is 1M records, and you're using K of them, it should tell you. Custom block list annoying ads, trackers, scam sites etc. A Pi-hole blocklist for unwanted domains that serve ads on Macedonian websites. Add a description, image, and links to the pihole-blocklists topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the pihole-blocklists topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics.

Learn more. Skip to content. Here are 63 public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language. Sort options. Star Code Issues Pull requests. YouTube script to add the new Ads list for Pi-hole. Updated Apr 6, Shell.

In-depth manual

Create custom pi-hole blocklists. Updated Mar 28, Shell. Hostfile blocklist for ads and tracking, updated regularly. Updated Apr 14, Python. Updated Apr 14, Updated Apr 12, Updated Apr 9, Scan pihole logs and block YouTube ads domains.Most people I know are connected to the Internet more than they are disconnected, for better or worse.

If you have total control over your network, like I do in my home, then you start to monitor usage. You start to think… should I be blocking some of this traffic? Enter, the pi-hole. I first saw this project at the end ofand I was intrigued.

I watched the project, waiting for it to mature to a point that I knew it was a viable option for my home network. Up until that time I was filtering directly with my firewall via i-blocklist. At the beginning of this year I finally put it into play on a Raspberry Pi 3 and have loved it ever since. I want to clarify; the term unwanted traffic can have different meanings to people. For others, like governments, it might be entire country codes like.

As for my home network, I set out to simply block ads in the beginning. I always had the idea I could create custom blocklists like I had on my firewall.

I made a list of possible site categories that I could block. With those lists in mind I set out to create PoC code that would gather open source lists and collate them into a single larger category list that I would then block using pihole. The product of that PoC now lives in my project repository named my-pihole-blocklists hosted on GitHub.

It does a few things to create the list. For ease of adding lists to your pihole I have hosted my generated lists that I create on Github for your use. There are list collections that have listed my pornography blocklist as well as many other lists, along with download links to easily update your pihole.

pihole blocklist format

This list collection is courtesy of WaLLy3K. I encourage you to look as this great project that has many features for customizing your pihole. In conclusion, using a pihole can easily help block unwanted traffic from your network. Using the scripts contained in this project you can begin to create and use custom blocklists to protect those on your network. As always, for questions or comments please contact me via email or via twitter. As such there are other lists lists that can be used to the same effect.

Follow me on Twitter or Keybase. Blocking porn with Pi-hole Jun 29, 6 minute read.Hi Guys. After many requests I have made a tutorial for setting up a docker container for pi-hole. This gives us network wide adblocking. Hope you find it useful.

First off, this looks awesome. I even added the same single block list like you did. Any ideas what I did wrong? After that, works like a charm! I get connection refused every time I run the block lists update. I'm running unraid 6. Everything seems to be functioning except it isn't blocking anything.

Well I'm not sure what changed but I tried changing the Extra Parameters to what yours says because mine is defaulted to. It didn't work so I upgraded to rc3 from rc2 on 6. I'm not sure what it was as I rebooted my server many times yesterday but I appreciate your effort. I have a supermicro board with bonding enabled. Here are screen shots of my settings. I also have 2 Ubuntu VMs running. So i had the unfortunate problem that when i rebooted my unraid because my docker page was not displaying, the webui did not load and stated bad gateway.

Posted for help then found spants post on pi-hole and read where another user had the same bad gateway issues and explained that its because this also runs on port 80 and therefore you get the error page.

Once I killed docker and reboot it I was able to start the array. I didn't have pihole auto start so I'm good. I ran into lot's of issues trying to get the pi-hole port 53 working correctly.

There is no way to disable Router Advertisements. Time for a new Router! Spent all yesterday evening troubleshooting why I was sometimes getting ads, even on websites I'd visited a few minutes earlier that were ad-free.

Which seemed a bit weird as only a few weeks ago on my old Ubuntu Home Server, I had Pi-hole up and running without issues. This resulted in ad DNS requests being handled differently and sometimes ads being served. Trying every combination of settings I could think of I somehow found the additional steps to gridrunner excellent video tutorial that you should take after following his instructions. If you browse some website, all the ads should be gone and the Pi-Hole Query log should now show IPv6 ads being Pi-holed too.

Hope this makes sense. I gave it an ip address of If i return the router to 1. But why won't it work if i configure it on my router? Does anyone know how to point a local domain "subdomain. Whenever I reach my subdomain, pihole thinks I am coming from an external network.Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin and open source topics.

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Become an author. Online advertisements are not only irritating but also potential sources of malware on your devices. Pi-hole — a DNS server originally created to be used on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer — filters out requests to ad-serving domains, blocking ads and improving network performance. With Pi-hole, you can actively monitor every DNS request made on your network and block requests on the fly.

This functionality also extends beyond web browsers, allowing you to filter out ads within other applications by targeting the appropriate DNS query. VPNs establish and maintain connections via tunnelswhich are logical network connections between clients and servers.

Using Pi-hole On A Raspberry Pi: Maintain Blocklists

In this tutorial, you will install and configure OpenVPN and Pi-hole to act as your own private, network-wide, DNS-based, ad-blocking filter for all of the devices connected to your network. One Ubuntu Before beginning installation, you need to gather the network information Pi-hole uses to communicate with the VPN.

First, use the ip command with the addr and show subcommands to identify the IP address of tun0the network interface that your VPN tunnel is active on.

You will need to know this when installing Pi-hole. You can think of a gateway as an access point between different networks. Pipe the routing table information to grep which will parse and search the output for the string, default. Use the --depth 1 option to create a clone with a history truncated to the last revision; this will give you the latest version of Pi-hole without all the extra historical revisions.

Pi-hole installation and configuration takes place with the help of a terminal-based wizard. Start the wizard with the following command:. The next screen is a message from the Pi-hole automated installer informing you that you are installing a network-wide ad blocker. Next, the installation wizard tells you that Pi-hole is Free and open source and lets you know how you can donate to the Pi-hole project.

The installation script will then inform you that a Static IP Address is required for the service to function properly. The next screen asks you to Choose An Interface for Pi-hole to listen on. Next, press TAB to jump to the options at the bottom of screen. This is the service Pi-hole will use to resolve domain names. On the following screen, Pi-hole prompts you to select which internet protocols to filter. Protocols — like IPv4 and IPv6 — specify the technical format of packets and the addressing scheme for computers to communicate over a network.

IPv4 is the most widely adopted internet protocol for connecting devices to a network.From your Pi, you can run this command:.

See the output of the gravity script below it looks a little different because of some changes I made in the development branch. The Raspberry Pi has a hard time parsing such a huge list and the performance really takes a hitwhich makes Web browsing very slow. If you happen to have an adList. Contact me if you do. But for now, you will probably want to hold off on running the gravity script.

If you already ran the script and have the huge list, you can comment out the line containing the mahakala domain and then run the script again.

But if you want to contribute something to the project, feel free using the buttons below. Donate Bitcoins.

Huge Update To Ad List That The Pi-hole Uses

And thank YOU! I have had fun using your creation, appreciate the follow-up you do on it and the response you give to people who post about it! I hope you enjoy developing it as much as we enjoy you sharing it with us!

I do have a lot of fun with it. The biggest issue I am working on now is performance with that last huge update to the list.

pihole blocklist format

You can check out my other branches of the project, which are already working better. It will overwrite your previous adList. If you want to use it, you should run a sed command to change the ip to whatever you are using first. Nice job catching that. Thanks…I will be fixing the file soon, but in the meantime, you can run this command:.

The link in the post is fixed now and points to Thanks for catching that!

PiHole: A Comprehensive Guide

I also received a donation, which inspired me to do some more work. I have the new Pi-hole working pretty well with the newentries. I just need to write up a post on it and then push the changes to Github.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks. Close Menu My Certifications. Getting adaway. Getting adblock. Getting hosts-file.Blocklists only provide a very modest level of protection against snoopers — you can read all about their limitations here. For better privacy, you can use a VPN while torrenting. A blocklist is simply a list of IP addresses to block when torrenting. Typically, these lists consist of the IP addresses of known snoopers or malware providers. Most of the good bittorrent clients support blocklists — for example Transmission or uTorrent.

The list was found on Reddit. Note : This blocklist is a domain blocklist and should never be used as the only list in an adblocker that uses adblock rules such as uBlock Origin. With an online search I found a good substitute for bitsurge. How do I add one of these blocklists to Transmission? It starts to download but then I get an error message saying:.

The specified blocklist file did not contain any valid rules. Oh no not another sleepless night. Just staring off into the sunset, clicking blindly. Leave this field empty. Note About Blocklists. Comments 10 Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Pi-hole, Blokada users; use mobile hosts version belowbecause of this.Pi-hole project is a DNS sinkhole that compiles a blocklist of domains from multiple third-party sources. Pi-hole uses pi-hole-ftl AUR dnsmasq fork to seamlessly drop any and all requests for domains in its blocklist.

Running it effectively deploys network-wide ad-blocking without the need to configure individual clients. The package comes with an optional web and a CLI interfaces. Install the pi-hole-server AUR package. Data are collected and stored in two places:. For FTL configuration, see upstream documentation. Pi-hole has a very powerful, user friendly, but completely optional web interface.

pihole blocklist format

It allows not only to change settings, but analyse and visualise DNS queries performed by other devices. Install php-sqlite php will be installed automatically and enable the relevant extensions detailed here:.

pihole blocklist format

Install lighttpd and php-cgi. Enable lighttpd. One must append the following to this file to ensure correct operation, noting that ip. For more, see Issue To accomplish this, there are generally 2 methods to make it happen:. More information about making other devices use Pi-Hole can be found at upstream documentation.

Install the pi-hole-standalone AUR package. The Pi-hole standalone package install a statically enabled timer and relative service will weekly update Pi-hole blacklisted servers list. If you do not like default timer timings from upstrem project you can, of course, edit it or preventing from being executed by masking it.

You need to manually start pi-hole-gravity. Both standalone and server versions can be controlled via CLI, but only server version can be controlled via web interface. Go to pi. You can change which DNS servers Pi-hole uses with:. If you leave time blank disabling will be permanent until later manual reenabling. For example, to disable Pi-hole for 5 minutes only, you can execute. You might want to password-protect the Pi-hole web interface. Run the following command and enter your password:.

After changes have been performed, restart pihole-FTL. To disable this, type the following command:. Info: With logging disabled, the pihole will loose all statistics on reboot in case a level higher or equal to 'Anonymous mode' is selected. In the client configuration file, specify the following line:. See more information in WireGuard Client config.

This is unofficial, community-supported configuration. Install nginx-mainline and php-fpm. Since version 7. Enable nginx. There are many sources providing these blocklists.


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